What to Wear to a College Interview

On March 2nd, I had the honor to present a seminar on “What to Wear to a College Interview” to college bound girls and their Moms.

This was my first time presenting to a teen age group. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wondered if they would be receptive or if I would cover exactly what they were looking for. But, as a former buyer of junior / contemporary footwear at Macy’s I spent a lot of time researching what makes this age group tick. I combined that with my expertise in assisting women on what to wear on job interviews and I headed off to the Ridgewood Public Library in Ridgewood, NJ.

Within minutes of the presentation the girls were focused, interested and following along. When it came time to showing examples of clothing they smiled and asked thoughtful questions. At the end of the seminar I got a lot of “I love that top” “That necklace is cool” followed by, “Can we do a seminar on what to wear to prom?” Love it!

While I’m beyond ecstatic that the girls enjoyed the presentation, I have to say I was more excited by their enthusiasm, their confidence and their willingness to take steps to better themselves and their lives. Let me tell you, if this is what the future looks like I can safely say we’re in good hands!

A passion of mine is to help young girls and women be empowered with a positive body image and use the clothes they wear to tell their stories. I want to thank Megan Murphy, Realtor Associate at Keller Williams, for sharing my passion and sponsoring this seminar. My hope is for all girls to always see the beauty within them and do everything to make sure the world sees it too.

For those of you who missed the seminar, but are interested in the topic here are some tips on “What to Wear to a College Interview”.

First Impressions Count- As much as we don’t want to admit it, first impressions really do matter. According to a US News and World Report 1 of the 7 things that interviewers notice first is attire. And it takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression. So, know your audience, know what type of interview you are dressing for and dress accordingly.

Personal Style Matters too- Now, when I say to make a good first impression that doesn’t mean that one should dress the way others are expecting you to dress. When you wear something that doesn’t represent who you are then you’ll feel uncomfortable and conscious about yourself. This in turn will lead to a not so great interview... Therefore, it’s important to know your audience and think about your first impression but also make sure you are incorporating your style in what you wear. Your clothes should help tell your story, not distract from it.

Dressing FOR your Body Shape- Dress for your body shape, not against it. There are so many rules out there on how not to dress for your shape. I’ve had clients say they’ve “heard” that they could never wear stripes or to only wear vertical stripes or to wear “this or that” to hide “this or that”. It can get really confusing. My rule of thumb is to first start with knowing your body shape and then wear clothes that flatter your body. Dress to enhance your best features, not hide them. If you dress FOR your shape you will feel more comfortable and with comfort comes confidence.

What to Wear to a College Interview-  Here are some general examples of what to wear. When choosing clothing items for yourself make sure to consider your personal style, your body shape and your audience.

Pairing black pants with clean cable sweater in a pop color allows you to have a classic look yet still let your personal style shine.

Pairing black pants with clean cable sweater in a pop color allows you to have a classic look yet still let your personal style shine.

A knee length skirt with a fine gauge sweater is perfect for an interview. Let your personality shine by adding a slightly embellished necklace and matching tote bag.

A knee length skirt with a fine gauge sweater is perfect for an interview. Let your personality shine by adding a slightly embellished necklace and matching tote bag.

What NOT to Wear to a College Interview-  What to avoid when choosing an outfit for a college interview. Denim, Poor fitting clothes, Wrinkled Clothes, Too much jewelry, Shoes you can’t walk in, See through clothing (wear a tank top under), Blouses that billow, Mini skirts, Ripped pants / tops, Sleeveless tops (or wear a sweater or jacket over)  

If you're preparing for a college interview I wish you the best of luck!

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Schedule for Wednesday January 11, 2017

9:30am- Meet with GM to review budget

11:00am- Meet with vendor to discuss roll out of new program

12:00pm- Working lunch with team to plan Q2 goals

1:00pm- Presentation

2:30pm- Emergency Meeting to re-review budget

3:30pm- Attend HR training meeting

4:30pm- Emergency Meeting to re-review the re-review of the budget meeting

5:30pm- Leave for the day (hopefully)


Sometimes (or all the time) it’s just one of those days. And on those days (in addition to lots of coffee) you rely on your favorite clothing piece to get you through the day like the boss lady you are. It could be those black pants that fit you so well and make you look and feel great, that lucky necklace that has you looking and feeling confident, that dress that just makes you feel like a million bucks, or grandma’s pearl necklace.

One of the things that I tell my clients is that you should dress from the inside out, not outside in. In other words, know who you are, what your style is, and what message you want to send. Then put together a wardrobe that portrays all that. Now, I’m not saying to load up your closet with a whole bunch of clothing that you feel connected too. You should still make sure your closets are clutter free, but have your clothes represent you and those connection pieces motivate you.

So, do you need a connection piece? No, it’s not necessary. Would it be great to have? Yes, because clothing helps send your branding message. It gives the outside world a glimpse into who you are. Clothing also helps you be the best you can be. These items can spark an emotional response giving you more self-confidence and motivation.


If you’re reading this and thinking, “I have no connection to my clothes, how do I get a piece that can give me the boost I need?!” Well, here are some tips to help figure out that clothing connection piece that makes your frown turn upside down. 

1)      Try on clothing- What makes you smile when you wear it? What makes you look in the mirror and say- Wow, this is so me! 

2)      Are you an accessories person? If so, go through your accessories and do the same exercise as above. Is there a scarf or necklace that pops your outfit and makes you look and feel great?

3)      You’ve done 1 and 2 and still nada, no connection piece. Then head to your favorite store and browse- what catches your eye and makes you stop? A certain blouse? A certain color? If something strikes your fancy try on the clothing piece or accessory and see how you feel wearing it.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a connection piece that always turns your frown upside down? 

Posted on January 13, 2017 .

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