Customer Reviews


I would absolutely recommend Monisha to anyone looking for a wardrobe consultation. I was delighted to get practical ideas I can incorporate into my wardrobe right now. I fell in love with a jacket that she recommended. I never would have found it on my own. Thank you!

Carol S.- Partner, Cantadora

I changed careers a couple years ago - I went to an office environment to owning my own popcorn business.  As a business owner with a lot of different roles, I need a flexible wardrobe that can take me from making popcorn to meeting with potential investors in a day.  I also want it to be polished, chic and machine washable.  I had no idea where to start.  Monisha totally got what I wanted to accomplish, and she gave me many actionable items across a variety of different brands - a whole wardrobe I wouldn't have thought of. I will definitely be getting several of the items she recommended. I know Monisha had my best interest at heart - she was truly giving me professional advice rather than selling something. I was so wowed by the work she put into it, and her suggestions are spot on.  I would have never stumbled upon these things.  I would say it saved time, but I wouldn't have spent the time on it anyway so I would say it took me to a different level I wasn't even aware of. 

Jean T.- Founder Pop Karma, New York, NY

Joya solo.jpg

Left to my own devices, I would have chosen one of my standard TV-anchor-like dresses. Fitted, body-skimming sheath dress. Only the collars ---and the colors-- change.

Monisha Kapur of 344pm styled me in this Vince Camuto dress with a flowing cape in the back and an interesting drape in the front.

It was such a thoughtful choice to host a high tea and something I would have never chosen on my own.

joya d.- co-founder of lady drinks, new york, ny

I have used other personal styling services in the past and nothing compares to the consultation I received at 344pm. Not only was it significantly better, it was much more reasonable than any of the other services I have used. Monisha offers a lifesaving service for busy women...and women who need help with putting outfits together and don't know what's on trend. I received detailed fashion advice. The links to purchase the items make life SO easy. Pictures of full outfits are helpful to see the whole look. Talking you through it all to answer questions is the bonus. Monisha does it all.

Lisa B., Esq., Seattle, WA

Prior to booking a wardrobe consultation, I was concerned that the options offered would not be useful and not in-line with my style. Or even worse, less helpful than if I had looked into things myself. This was not the case. The options were completely fitting with my style, very reasonably priced, and helped me expand to try things I perhaps wouldn't have tried before. It was easier than if I tried to do this myself.

I feel the time saved in helping me find clothes that fit is completely worth it. Plus, with continued conversations with 344pm, I firmly believe that recommendations for me will be even better as we continue to hone my style. I think the cost of the consultation and the clothes recommended are very reasonable.

I have already recommended Monisha to others and I will definitely be using 344pm's services in the future.

Linda t., st. louis, mo

After finding myself staring at my full closet one too many times and feeling like I was wearing the same outfits over and over again, I contacted Monisha for consultation.  She helped me figure out appropriate items for my casual lifestyle so that I was comfortable but still looked up to date and professional. She suggested companies that offer well made clothes and are a good value.  My consultation with Monisha saved me the headache of figuring out where to shop (not one of my favorite activities) and what to look for. 

The result was an updated, comfortable wardrobe that will hold its value over time and can easily be developed with more pieces.  The cost of the consultation was minimal compared to what I would have spent on miscellaneous pieces that would have had a short life span in terms of quality and interest. 

I highly recommend 344pm!

Helene F., watkins glen, ny

I was nervous about spending that kind of money when a high end department store has a free personal stylist option which I have used before. But because of the personal consultation session with 344pm I feel that you got to know me and was better in recommendations than the one meeting I had with the high end department store stylist. 

344pm gave me options that I was looking for: more prints, more tailored clothes that make me look more professional in the workplace. In the recommendations I was able to look at the clothes and apply them to my shopping as well. I loved the attention to detail, the friendliness and the non-pressure to buy everything that is recommended. 

The wardrobe consultation that 344pm provided made me feel really confident and gave me back the joy in shopping and choosing the right clothes for me. 

jenny l., silver spring, md

I had so much fun shopping on my own, thanks to you!

You encouraged me to expand on the stores I shop in and that helped a lot.

The jewelry ideas you gave and different types of shoes to wear was very beneficial.

My 60 minute online consult was very convenient.

Lonnie P., Ft. Lauderdale, FL