Step 1 - Select Consultation


Step 1 - Choose a Consultation


Review the options available for consultations and determine which best suits your needs.


Step 2 - Initial Questionairre



Step 2 - Complete the Style Questionnaire


Please tell me some basic information about you so I can start the consultation process. Style Questionnaire

Step 3 - Initial Consultation

Step 3 - Start Getting Styled

We'll connect via phone or Skype for an initial 15 minute consultation to chat about your style needs and any questions you may have. This enables me to better personalize my recommendations for you. We will also schedule the final consultation. Please note that the final consultation needs to be scheduled 2 weeks in advance.


Step 4 - Checkout

Step 4 - Checkout

After the initial consultation is conducted, you will be instructed to visit the online store to purchase the consultation. (Please note: payment is due within 24 hours after the initial consultation.)


Step 5 - Time to Dress Your Style


Step 5 - It’s Time to Dress Your Style

When it’s time for our final consultation I will call you via skype. We will discuss my recommendations for you and I will advise why I chose the items specifically for your personal style.


Step 6 - Look Book


Step 6 - follow up


Approximately 1- 2 weeks after our final consultation we'll touch base again to make sure you have all the answers to your questions.