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7 Tips on Dressing For A Holiday Event

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday have come and gone. We've only got 24 more days till we ring in 2015!!

Along with all the rushing, fussing, gift buying and eating :) comes the fun holiday parties. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you chose your holiday party outfits.

Tip1- Remember the “Work Code”-

I have been to some phenomenal work holiday parties. One in particular comes to mind- the company I was working for at the time rented out one of NYC’s premier (as in the wait list to get in was 1 year) restaurants and they went all out with the food and drinks. While I would love to have worn my Jimmy Choo’s and sparkle mini dress, I didn't. I wore a little black dress with a fun accessories and well I did wear sparkle shoes, but no mini dress. Why? Because I knew the next day I was going to be at the negotiating table with my boss and the SVP discussing an increase to my buying budget, one that I had been fighting hard to get… So maintaining my image and reputation was top of mind… 


Tip 2- Ask yourself, “Does this outfit fit my personal style?”

Sure it’s the holidays and it’s a fun time where you can step out the box a bit and wear something different. But, you don’t want to be so different that you feel uncomfortable in your own skin or feel like what you are wearing is not representing you. If you try on a dress and think “Cute dress! I’d never wear something like this but I like how it fits and how I feel wearing it”, then by all means go ahead and buy it. However, if you try on a dress and say “Cute dress, but it’s so not me and I’ll be tugging at the (fill in the blank) all night” then put the dress back on the rack and “keep calm and shop on”. 

Keep Calm and Shop On


Tip 3- Be Comfortable

Remember you are at a party to have fun, not to be thinking about your feet that are killing you because you HAD to wear / buy the 6” stiletto heels that are so uncomfortable… Try on your outfit before you wear it, make sure it’s comfortable, it fits, etc. Be comfortable and enjoy yourself. 

High Heels- Image via Clip Art

High Heels- Image via Clip Art


Tip 4- The “Sparkle” Rule of Thumb

One of my favorite sayings is, “Tis the season for all things sparkly and glittery!!!” Sparkles and the holidays just go together. But, when I think of sparkly outfits another one of my favorite sayings comes to mind, “Too much of a good thing is bad” and that goes for sparkles too… The rule of thumb is- Wear 1 to 2 items of sparkle at a time. A sparkle dress with black pumps (not sparkle pumps) works great. Or a LBD and a sparkle clutch is a perfect holiday outfit.

Diane von Furstenberg Dress & Clutch. Outfit from Bloomingdales.

Diane von Furstenberg Dress & Clutch. Outfit from Bloomingdales.


Tip 5- The Holiday Outfit that keeps on Giving

Wondering how to transition your Holiday dress into the New Year? The answer of course is- Layering and Accessorizing. This cream dress can be jazzed up for the holidays by adding fun earrings and a belt. After the holidays, wear this dress to work with a black blazer.

Outfit and accessories from  Glamour and Glow

Outfit and accessories from Glamour and Glow


Tip 6- Yes, You can wear a Little Black Dress (LBD) to a Holiday Party

The secret to transforming a LBD to a festive holiday outfit? You guessed it- Accessories!

Outfit and Accessories from Ann Taylor.

Outfit and Accessories from Ann Taylor.


Tip 7- Yes, You can wear pants to a Holiday Party

This fabulous DKNY tuxedo pant says it all!!

Outfit from Bloomingdale's

Outfit from Bloomingdale's

So there you have it- my 7 tips on Holiday dressing. I'd love to hear some your holiday dressing tips!

 I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy Holiday and New Year!

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Perfect Holiday Outfits that Hide Your Gut

As we enter into the festive season, I figured I'd do a blog post on what to wear during the holidays. As I started pulling outfits for the post, I realized I'd better start planning my holiday outfits as well. Keeping in mind how much I end up eating during the holidays, I began searching for items that would hide my gut... Then I thought- maybe other people would be interested in this too, so, I decided to change the jist of my post to- "The Top 3 Holiday Outfits that will keep you looking chic, and Grandma won't think your preggers" post.

The Track Pant- 

Yes, as in sweatpants. First- super trendy pants. Second- elastic comfy waist. Third- what more can you ask for (I think I hear angels singing). Track pants come in an array of silhouettes, prints and fabrics like- faux leather, cotton knit, camouflage prints, relaxed fit, skinny, faux snakeskin and embellished. They compliment most figures and can easily be incorporated into any personal style. You can dress track pants down with an updated sweatshirt for a casual T-Day dinner or dress it up for a glamorous look. Take a pair of sparkly track pants, pair them with a classic merino wool sweater, fabulous heeled ankle boots and some bold accessories. Don't forget the diaper bag filled with movies, toys, games (of course diapers) and anything else to keep the kiddos occupied so you can enjoy your holiday meal to it's "fullest".

The Over sized Sweater / Cape

Over sized sweater / cape- It's flowy, comfy, stylish and great for covering all the right areas. To avoid looking overwhelmed by the cape, pair it with slim fit pants or a pencil skirt. In the example below, I've paired a cape with waxed denim pants and bold accessories. The great thing about waxed denim is that it has the chic look of leather, without being leather, and it offers a bit of stretch since it's denim. There are also lots of stretch waxed denim styles available to give your added comfort. This outfit is perfect for a Holiday dinner with the family where you can eat to your hearts content and then kick off those heels and comfortably "roll around" and play with the kiddos.

The A-Line Dress

If you're in the mood for a dress, an A-line dress is the way to go. Wrap dresses, dresses with ruching, or bold prints always help to deflect from the tummy area. Avoid tight belts around the waist or lots of pleats. Empire waist dresses are great, however, these dresses have a tendency to make you look bigger (going back to not wanting Grandma to thing your preggers) so be mindful of where the dress cuts at the waist, make sure it's not too high. Pair an a-line dress with tall boots and a faux fur shrug for an elegant look.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy, Safe and Relaxing Thanksgiving!!!!

(For information on the outfits featured above, please click on the picture)

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