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4 Prints (Other than Florals) to Wear this Summer

What’s the hottest print this summer? Florals! They work great for any personal style and body shape, they can easily pop an outfit and you can dress them up or down.

But as much as I love florals I have to admit, it’s a bit much this year. The last time I went shopping for a client I walked into a store (which shall remain unnamed) and I felt like I was about to have an allergy attack with the amount of flower prints I saw. Floral dresses, floral blouses, floral scarves- you get the picture. I had florals covered and I didn’t want to inundate my client’s closest with floral prints so I ventured out to find other prints. Low and behold, what do you know- I found fabulous “non-floral” prints!

Here are my top 4 prints that are not florals but are just as versatile, make a bold statement, can re-fresh an outfit, are trend right, and perfect for any personal style.  



If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your outfit choose a top, dress or pants with geometric prints. From triangles to squares to zig zags, these graphic prints can be found in soft muted colors and loud colors. But no matter the color these prints are eye-catching.

A-Line Dress from Modcloth

A-Line Dress from Modcloth



I know- been there, done that … I agree, stripes are pretty much a staple now. So why is it on my list of different print ideas? Well, this year it’s not your same old horizontal, vertical, nautical stripe, instead rainbow and colorful stripes are the way to go for summer 2017. Pairing a rainbow stripe tee with a flare skirt gives an outfit fresh summer look.

Cross Over Stripe Top from Zara

Cross Over Stripe Top from Zara



Yup, you read that right- food prints. And pineapples are the food of choice. But if pineapples aren’t your thing don’t worry there are many other food prints to choose from- like veggies, ice cream, other fruits and so much more! These whimsical prints add fun to your outfit and hey, who doesn’t need a little fun in the summer. For summer Fridays at work pair a pineapple top with straight leg pants and pointy toe flats for a cool yet polished look.

Pineapple Top from J.Crew

Pineapple Top from J.Crew



Yes, you can wear gingham and not look like a picnic tablecloth because this year gingham is a little bit “grown up”. Designers have taken traditional silhouettes like straight pants, mid-length dresses or A-line skirts and incorporated a gingham print. Wear a gingham print skirt with a white button-down shirt for a classic look.

A-Line Skirt from Macy's

A-Line Skirt from Macy's

By adding in some items in these prints you'll be able to better diversify your closet and not feel like all you're wearing are florals...

What are your favorite non-floral prints?

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Pretty In Pink??

Pantone named Pale Dogwood (Color # 13-1404 ) one of the top fashion colors for Spring 2017.Pale Dogwood by any other name is a version of “pink”.

Pantone 13-1404 Pale Dogwood

For those of you that love pink you’re in luck because in addition to Pale Dogwood many shades of pink are in stores now, so I say stock up!

For those of you who see anything pink and run, I’d advise you to get some really good running shoes. As mentioned above, pink is everywhere and this trend is not showing any signs of “moving on”.

For those of you who longingly look at pink from a distance, who may slowly approach a pink blouse, even pick it up but then break into a sweat, drop it and run- I say, I get it. You may be thinking, “Will I look like a toddler in a pink dress?”, “Will I look like a Pepto Bismol bottle?”, “Will I look like I just can’t get over the Betty Draper look with pink lipstick?” “Pink, you’re an interesting color and I want to wear you, but….” If you’re stuck between the love and fear of pink- this post is for you.

Here are some tips on how to wear pink, without being “Pinkalicious”.

Add a pink accessory- When your outfit needs a boost of color add a little pink. Pair a pink colored accessory, such as a handbag, earrings, shoes, sunglasses, or a scarf with a navy or black suit, jeans, or even a tan blazer. Pink is quite versatile and matches well with many colors.


Add a Layering Piece- Take it step further and add a pink layering piece such as a sweater, cardigan or jacket to your ensemble.

Layer with Pink

Something less Pink- Take it 10 steps back. If all this is not floating your boat but you really, really, really want to add pink to your look, add a pop of pink nail lacquer. There are lots of fun pink polish shades and go from pale pink to shocking pink.

Shades of Pink

So, how will you be wearing pink this spring?

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