How to Wear Spring Clothes in Winter

As I sit and type this post it is about -12 degrees F outside. A few weeks ago when I ventured out to do some spring trend shopping it was “slightly warmer” with temps ranging in the – 5 to +7 degrees…  In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m not a fan of winter, but I was bursting at the seams to see the new spring merchandise in stores. So I wore my “not even close to spring outfit” (a warm sweater, cuddle duds (aka long johns), corduroys, Sorel boots, a trapper hat and puffer coat) and took to the streets of NYC!

The blustery cold outside was a stark difference to the sweet spring looks inside each store. From beautiful sleeveless dresses to floral tops stores were screaming spring. Taking mental notes, and some pics, I longed for so many of the beautiful spring pieces. So, I went ahead and bought a few… and wore them… in freezing temps…

No, this winterphobe did not lose her mind, she layered!! A key way to dress during this transition time period- layering saves the day once again!

Now, if you’re concerned that if you wear your spring clothes now they may look tired and boring by the time spring actually does roll around, don’t worry at all! The great thing about layering is that you can create so many new and different looks that when spring does arrive you can shed the layers and create new warm weather looks.


Dresses for Winter

Dresses are huge this spring and can easily be worn now. Shirt dresses, sweater dresses and shift dresses look great over a pair of jeans or pants. Add a blazer or moto jacket to complete the look. When the weather warms up, ditch the jacket and pants and pair the dress with sandals and a clutch purse.

Banana Republic

Banana Republic


Layer your Top

Mesh and lace tops are another trend we’ll be seeing in spring. A fabulous way to wear those key pieces now is to wear them over a white or chambray button down shirt, a long sleeve tee or a turtle neck. In spring switch out the long sleeves for a tank top. 

Banana Republic

Banana Republic


Turtlenecks are the “It” Piece

At NYFW (New York Fashion Week) turtlenecks were everywhere making it a key staple and trend piece for Fall 2015. Turtlenecks can be worn with almost anything- layered under a maxi dress, a tunic, a tee-shirt, a strapless jump suit and so much more.  

Mara Hoffman, NYFW Fall '15

Mara Hoffman, NYFW Fall '15

Instead of waiting patiently for spring to finally arrive (23 days and counting) go out and do some spring shopping! “Winterize” your outfits now and transform them into fun warm weather looks in Spring.

How will you be wearing your spring clothes now?


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Posted on February 25, 2015 and filed under Everyday Dressing, How to, Tips.