Winter Dressing Guide (Not just for cold weather climates)

The Weather Outside is Frightful....

Aah, winter time- the holidays, the lights, the skiing, the magic of snowfall, the cooler temperatures, the stepping through slush and avoiding yellow snow… (cue in the needle scratching on a record sound effect)…

Right… So, the pomp and circumstance of the holidays are over and here we are in dreary January. The month where we just want to hibernate and wear baggy clothes to avoid the realization that we’ve (or well, maybe more like I’ve) put on a few “holiday pounds”. But, we still must go about our daily lives despite the colder temperatures and lack of holiday parties….

Now more than ever I think of one of my favorite quotes:

get up, dress up, show up and never give up

It’s time to get out from under the blankets, dress your style (even though it may include dealing with some salt stains on the bottom of your pants) and make the day count!

Here are some tips and tricks on how to stay stylish in the middle of winter no matter where you live. That’s right 344pm blog readers and clients I haven’t forgotten about you all that don’t live in cold weather climates!


Winter Dressing in Warm Weather Climates

Temps can go from the 60’s F on up. And while exact winter outfits vary by location the premise is the same- lightweight layers are key! What starts off as a warm morning could end up being a chilly evening so you want to be prepared for what the day brings. Examples can range from shorts a tee and a sweat jacket to jeans a tank top and blazer. Here I’ve put together boyfriend jeans, a floral sleeveless blouse, a cardigan and wedge sandals- making this an easy day to night look.

What to Wear in Winter- Warm Weather Climate


Winter Dressing in Mild Weather Climates

Temps can go anywhere from 35 – 60 degrees F and there is a huge range of regions that fall into this category. For example in the Pacific Northwest the cooler temps also bring in the rain so an outfit of choice may be ponte knit pants, hunter boots a check shirt and a Patagonia puffer vest. While in the sunny south in cooler temps you could wear a skirt with tights and a blouse with the sleeves rolled up when it’s warm and down when it gets cool.

Here too layering is key. You may want to choose slightly heavier layers like a light weight jacket or an unlined trench or even a scarf and blazer. This outfit blends a dressed up casual tee with bootcut jeans and a red trench for a fabulous pop of color!

What to Wear in Winter in Mild Weather Climates


Winter Dressing in Cold Weather Climates

Yes, I know it's hard to get motivated, dressed for work and out the door when it’s a biggilion degrees below zero. However, one of the great things about this season is all the wonderful sweaters and boots you get to wear!! This season outdid itself with colorful Fair Isle sweaters, pretty pastel cashmere cardigans, cropped sweaters over button down shirts, the chunky cable sweater and prints, prints and more prints. And then the boots- Oh. The. Boots. I can’t even… 

My secret to success in the winter (and this goes for no matter where you live) is layering (lots of layering) and making sure you’re constantly mixing and matching. The winter blues can easily get you down this time of year, so it’s important to avoid the “clothing rut” which will only feed the winter blues. Mixing and matching helps keep your outfits looking fresh and fun! So on a snowy day lift up your mood by wearing a bright sweater with fun furry winter boots, a sleek puffer jacket, a nylon bag (easier to clean the slush and salt off) and of course tech friendly gloves so your hands don’t freeze while you text! 

Winter Dressing in Cold Weather Climates

What are some of your winter weather dressing tips?

There you have it some tips on what to wear in the winter no matter where you live in the US. Now I’d love to hear from you, what are some of your winter dressing tips that help you make it through the season? 

Stay warm everyone and before you know it we'll be talking about light and airy dressing for spring and summer.

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