Tip Tuesday #9-What to Wear When You Find Yourself Working From Home

Today's Tip Tuesday a bit unplanned... When I found myself home today with a sick little one I decided to set aside that tip I had originally planned for today and blog about tips on what to wear when you find yourself working from home with a sick little one... We've all been there, your kid gets sick, and you can't send them to school or daycare so you end up staying home from work and your day turns upside down...

While I was able to move some things around, I do have 2 Skype calls that can't be cancelled. So what's a Mama to wear when she's gotta be professional enough for business calls and casual enough to pick up tissues and offer hugs all day. Well, there are quite a few ways to do this. My outfit of choice today- Casual waistband pants, with a pastel sweater and statement necklace (that I'll put on at the time of my call and remove when tissue duty starts again). And since my client can only see me from the waist up I'll be leaving on my warm furry slippers. (I hope my client's not reading this...)

work from home.jpg- 344pm

Some quick tips on what to wear when you're working from home with a sick kid:

  1. Machine washable- Kids =  germs (sick or not). Therefore, you want to be able to throw all the germy clothes in the wash. And yes, there are lots of work wear clothing that is machine washable. 
  2. Accessorize- I know I may sound like a broken record with this one, but accessories help. Throw on a scarf, necklace, earrings etc when it's time to work. Even if you don't have to interact with anyone and it's just you and your laptop. It's a good idea to get a little professional when it's time to work. When you're dressed in work attire you feel like you're in work mode as opposed to tissue picker upper mode. 
  3. Comfortable- You're home after all, why not be comfy. The fabulous thing is this season the trends are all pointing to comfort- from easier fitting boyfriend jeans to stretch pants and baggier boxy tops. 

What's you're outfit of choice when you're stuck working from home?


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Posted on March 4, 2014 and filed under Tip Tuesday.