Tip Tuesday #10- How to Feel Blue (In a Good Way)

What better way to start talking spring trends than amidst a snow and ice storm!! Pretty much sounds right based on the winter we've been having… 

Looking at the calendar, spring will be here in a few days and even though Mother Nature may not have gotten the memo, that doesn't mean you can’t start dressing for spring. 

Blue is a hot color this spring and it’s perfect for these transition months. Red carpets were adorned with blues and the term “Blue is the new Black” was mentioned many times during this year’s SAG awards. Stores a chock full of all shades of blues- from cobalt to navy to pastel blue. It’s good to be blue- in a happy, fun sort of way. :)

Today’s tip- Here’s how you can very easily incorporate blue in some of this season’s top trends. Along with some inspirational looks to get those creative styling juices going.

Nautical- Nautical looks are hot this year. Anchors, boats and the classic Brenton stripe are adoring any garment and accessory this season. The true navy color is perfect for this transitional time of year. Add some gold accessories navy and white for a bit of pizzazz. 

Nautical Trend- 344pm

Denim- Head to toe denim / chambray is still a look that’s going strong. Go casual or dressy with this versatile “blue look”. Add in pops of red, pink or leopard print to break up the blue a bit.

Denim Blue Trend- 344pm

Athletic Inspired- Athletic inspired looks are a huge trend for this spring. Wear blue athletic inspired dresses, bomber jackets or skirts for some fun spring looks.

Athletic Inspired Trend- 344pm

What are some ways that you wear blue?

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Posted on March 18, 2014 and filed under Tip Tuesday.