Yup, it's still cold...

I, like many others have complained, tweeted, facebooked and screamed about how cold it's been. Yes, I know it's winter and yes, I know I grew up in NYC so I should be used to it, but I'm not. I'll blame it on the fact that I've been living on the west coast for the past 3 1/2 years... Yeah, that's it, that made me soft.... I guess now that I'm back on the East Coast, I'll just have to deal with it... Kicking and screaming mind you, but I'll deal with it.

Afterall, it's not easy facing those dark, dreary, cold days and having to walk through "black" snow and slush. But, even in the height of winter, you can still stay on trend. So toss those polar fleece pants and sweatshirt aside, or actually, reserve them for when you're cuddled on the couch watching a movie, and face the day with your head up high wearing a fabulous winter coat and snow boots!!

Some of my favorite trends for this winter are fair isle sweaters, fur snow boots, riding boots, combat boots, corduroy pants, long belted sweaters, puffer coats, infinity scarves, color mixing and layering everything!

Here's an example of an outfit that'll keep you toasty warm and looking good. A fun fair isle sweater paired with cobalt blue corduroys a puffer coat and warm furry winter boots. Stay Warm, spring is only 48 days away!

staying warm

Elie Tahari puffy coat


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