Do you Cobalt Blue?

I'll admit, I did not go near the color cobalt blue for a while. Yes, it's the trendiest color this spring, however, store displays of cobalt blue pants, chartreuse sweaters and pink earrings conjured up (bad) 80's memories. But, I looked beyond the intense colors and have come to embrace the cobalt blue color trend.

a) Pair a cobalt blue tee with black denim for an evening out.

Cobalt blue and black denim

b) Cobalt blue khakis and a white tee offer a fun relaxed look.

cobalt blue pants

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c) Looking for a great wear to work look? Pair a crisp khaki suit with cobalt blue handbag for a splash of fashionable color.

cobalt blue bag
Posted on February 18, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.