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Vacation Outfit Ideas

Hello all! I’m so sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, but I was on vacation. Now, before you get all excited and say “lucky you”! - let me clarify. I was on vacation, with my family, on a Disney Cruise… yup… right… So are you still thinking “lucky you”? Sure, it was great to be out of the snow and in the sun, and it was so rejuvenating to be away from the routine. Of course, it was wonderful spending time with my family and I loved being on a cruise with everything taken care of, Disney does a great job at catering to families. It was so fabulous seeing my daughter’s face light up when she “met” Tinkerbell, Captain Hook and the big M.M. But, like all the other kids, my 6 year old was also on “overload” which meant the Hubs and I were chasing after her as she would bolt from one end of the ship to the other. The good thing (or good in my mind at least) is, as I looked around the ship, I saw other parents running after their kids as well. Some were also juggling strollers, diaper bags, other little ones and of course, “grown up” drinks. By dinner time most parents had the same dazed and tired look as me. But, I suppose it was a family vacation after all it’s just par for the course. 

If you’re planning a mid-winter or spring break vacation with the family, here are some ideas on how you can incorporate this spring’s trends into your vacation looks and still be comfortable enough to run after your kids.

Nautical- The nautical trend is huge this spring / summer. Pair a nautical stripe top with easy Bermuda shorts and running sneakers (which, thankfully is also a big trend) for a look that’s not only fitting for a cruise but any fun filled vacation.

Maxi Dress- Perfect for formal dinners or casual walks on the boardwalk (aka running after your kids as they accost the balloon guy), the maxi dress is trend right and versatile. Pair a floral halter maxi dress (that’s 3 big trends in one) with ankle flats for a “Mama’s got this covered” look.

Pastels- This spring is all about Pastels. While your day of sightseeing may end up being chaotic, you can look and feel in control by pairing a pastel aqua tee with crop pants and athletic sandals. 

Did you go on a mid-winter vacation or planning a spring break family vacation? What are your go to fashionable vacation outfits?


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Posted on February 26, 2014 and filed under Vacation Outfits.