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This season's winner of the ugly shoe- Wedge Sneakers

They pop up here and there, always rearing their strange heads. You try and look the other way, but it won't escape you, and the next thing you know you are at the shoe store spending ridiculous amounts of money on the ugly, trendy shoe, you swore you would never buy... We've all been there, some more (ahem..) than others, but we all find ourselves purchasing either Uggs, Birkenstock sandals, Teva sandals, Five Finger Shoes, Crocs, etc etc. This season, the Wedge Sneaker slips into the #1 spot for the ugly trendy shoe we MUST have. We have to thank designer Isabel Marant for bringing this to the forefront. She showed her "Willow Leather and Suede Sneaker" at her Sp 13 show last year, and it sold out instantaneously, and I said "uh oh"... And there it was again, shown for F 13 and, yup, I said "uh oh" again...


Isabel Marant Willow Leather and Suede Sneaker.

But, like its predecessors, I went from "yuck!" to cozying up to the idea of wearing the ugly wedge sneaker. After all, with the wedge, concealed or not, it gives height as compared to a regular sneaker. For us petite people, that's worth it!!! So, I've decided to bring you to my dark side as well. If you're looking at the sneaker and saying "this trend is for juniors only" or "what the heck am I supposed to wear those with?" Well, I'm here to say, it's a trend for all ages and you really can wear them with ALMOST anything.

First and foremost, because of the bulkiness of wedge sneakers they should be worn with narrow bottoms, so stick to skinny jeans, leggings, narrow ankle pants or skimmers. Short to mid length skirts and shorts are good too. Here are some ideas-

Believe it or not, you can go "classic" with the wedge sneaker. Pair it with skinny jeans and a trench coat for an early spring look.

Wedge sneakers 2

Madden Girl Shoes, Hickory Wedge Sneakers- ; 1969 Curvy Skinny Jeans- ; Merona Womens Trench Coat- ; Stripe Scoopneck Tee-

Meeting friends for Sunday Brunch? Pair wedge sneakers with skimmer jeans and a fabulous tote for a casual summer look.

Wedge sneakers 3

Wedge sneakers 3

Unlisted Shoes, Of-fence Wedge Sneakers- ; 1969 Legging Skimmer Jeans- ; Womens Drop Shoulder Jersey Top- ; MICHAEL Michael Kors- Jet Set Signature tote-

Want to embrace your edgy side? Pair wedge sneakers with black leggings or skinny leather pants, a rock and roll tee and a biker jacket.

Wedge sneakers 1

Wedge sneakers 1

Target Shayenne High Top Grey- ; 1969 Legging Jeans- ; “Rock” Graphic Cut Off tee- ; Studded Faux Leather Biker Jacket-

Do you yah! or nay! the wedge sneaker...

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