Winter Boots for Your Style

Not quite officially winter yet, but it’s been snowing everywhere, well, except Florida… And yes Floridians, I’m jealous of you all!! Anyway… Since most of us are pretty much stomping around in our winter boots I figured I’d take this opportunity to say that even though it’s slushy, cold and sometimes not fun being in the snow, it doesn’t mean we have to compromise our footwear (GASP!) in order to stay warm and dry. There are lots of winter boot options out there that will match anyone’s personal style and / or what they feel comfortable wearing.

Here are some winter boot suggestions that are sure to please anyone. To make it a little easier to sift through, I broke them down by personal style (Classic, Modern, Trendy and Boho Chic). For those of you out there that have different styles, or you just want to peruse the boots, (after all, who doesn’t like looking at shoes?) go ahead and take a look take at them all!

Oh, one more important thing before you move on to gazing at beautiful boots... As with all my blog posts and wardrobe styling consultations I do not receive any compensation for my recommendations. I base my recommendations solely on my expertise and knowledge of brands, retailers and style so you all can get expert unbiased suggestions. OK, with that said, lets take a look at some fabulous boots!


These boots are simple, true to their cold weather heritage, and will last you through many a winter. 



Still classic and clean, but these winter boots take up a notch with details like faux fur, quilting and straps.



On the cutting edge of fashion these winter boots are colorful and fun!


Boho Chic

These winter boots are feminine and tough with lug soles, buckles and stacked heels.

Did I miss any fabulous boots? I'd love to know what your go to fashionable winter boot is!

Posted on December 20, 2013 .