“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”
— Yves Saint Laurent

About 344pm

"On a hot August day at 3:44pm, my darling daughter was born and my life completely changed. I went from a life of having most things under control and organized to a life of chaos and exhaustion. As I prepared to return back to work after maternity leave I stared at my closet full of clothes and thought- I have nothing to wear. While my pre-pregnancy clothes reflected my personal style they weren't suited for the new me. The  new me was a working mother who loves stilettos but now feels much happier wearing a lower heel height. Skirts are still my thing, but instead of my go to pencil skirt I now felt more comfortable in an A-line skirt. Right then I knew I had to re-claim my style, and recreate a wardrobe to reflect the "new me". 

I realized that most people have their own "344pm moments" - a time when their lives change and things get hectic and unfortunately their style gets lost in the shuffle. I created 344pm to help women maintain their personal style through all of the "344pm moments" of their lives." - Monisha Kapur, Founder

344pm understands that maintaining your personal style can be time consuming and stressful. Sorting through all the options that offer fashion advice - magazines, fashion blogs, clothing subscription boxes and personal stylists - can be frustrating. 344pm is dedicated to giving moms and busy women an easy and convenient way to decode fashion. With online styling sessions, insightful blog posts, and more, I provide women with clear and simple ways on how to dress according to their own personal style.

Whatever your fashion dilemma, 344pm is ready to help you dress your style.

About Monisha Kapur

Monisha grew up in Queens, NY where her interest in fashion started at the age of 8. That interest led her to pursue a successful career in NYC’s fashion industry. Known as an instinctual retailer, Monisha blended her keen fashion sense with her business acumen and created best selling products. Her experience crosses all segments of retailing - she was a women’s shoe buyer for Macy's,  a product development manager for the men’s brand Club Room, and held various executive positions in merchandising and sales. Monisha has traveled extensively all over the world to gain a better understanding of fabrics, design and manufacturing. In addition to her work experience, Monisha attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

A family move brought Monisha to Seattle, WA, where she launched a fashion blog, Retail Therapy Couch. This marked the beginning of her quest to help busy women stay on top trends. She has guest blogged for Red Tricycle Seattle, Project Eve, and small retailers. It was during a family move back East that Monisha combined the lessons she learned from her own “mom fashion challenges”,  her fashion blogging experience, and the expertise she gained working in the fashion industry, to create 344pm.

Monisha Kapur, Founder 344pm

Monisha Kapur, Founder

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