Ask A Stylist- Summer Style Special

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Ask A Stylist- Summer Style Special

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Ask A Stylist- Summer Style Session



It’s July- it’s hot, it’s sticky and it’s a time when lots of us are not sure what to wear.

After all, can you really look and feel cool when it’s blazing hot outside? The answer is YES!

Around this time of year, I get many style questions from my clients such as-

What’s appropriate “summer Friday” work wear? What should I wear to work when my office is freezing but it’s hot outside? What bathing suit style works for my body shape? What crop pant length can I wear? Can I wear shorts to a networking event? What are the best comfortable yet stylish summer sandals? What summer trends work specifically for me? What do I pack for my vacation? What summer clearance items should I buy? I’m stuck- how can I dress cool and relaxed and still be true to my personal style?

What exactly should I wear to a… Company picnic, wine tasting event, wedding, barbecue, concert, formal outdoor dinner, weekend at the beach with friends, vacation with the family (and still look good in pictures), Broadway show / theater, etc


You may have similar questions, or different questions, or looking for someone to answer the timeless question of, “Does this look good on me?”

That’s why for the month of JULY ONLY I’m launching an “ASK A STYLIST” Summer special.

Here’s what you’ll get:

-          A live 60 min video call with me.

-          During the video call you can ask any and every burning style question that you have. And I’ll answer them.

-          A second opinion- I’ll not only give you my expert opinion, but I’ll offer styling options as well.

-          At the end of our 60 min video call you’ll leave with useful, actionable expert style advice that is specific to your unique style, body shape and budget.


Up until now the only way to get access to my “Ask A Stylist” session is to book a full wardrobe consultation. But I know how hard it can be to dress for the summer so I’m offering this as a standalone option for $99. That’s an 80% savings from my standard wardrobe consultation.


This special is only available in July. All video calls need to be scheduled and completed by July 31st.

Once you sign up you will receive a link to my calendar to schedule the video zoom call.

Time slots book up fast so the earlier you sign up the better chance you’ll get the date and time you want.


Get your summer dressing questions answered immediately so you stress less about what to wear and enjoy the summer!


Offer ends July 31, 2019