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There’s “that top” or “those pants” that you love and if you could wear them over and over, you would.

And there’s “that top” that’s been hanging in your closet (with the tags still on) because you don’t know what to wear it with.

A common pain point that I hear from my clients is that they don’t have the time to think about how to mix and match their clothes, so they wear the same thing over and over and end up in a style rut.

Mixing and matching can enable you to wear your favorite top or pants more than once a week WITHOUT anyone noticing. And of course, finding clothes to match that odd piece is always a win!

 Here’s what I’ll help you with:

-          During a 60 min zoom call we’ll take a VIRTUAL walk through your closet.

-          I’ll help you identify your personal style and offer advice on how you can create a signature style.

-          You’ll point out items that you have that you need help mixing and matching

- I’ll give you on the spot expert style advice on what to match them with using the clothes you already own. And if by chance you are missing a key item, I’ll offer an affordable clothing recommendation. All going back to your unique personal style.

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