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Let's start with the details about your fabulous business. Learning about your business, helps me get a better sense of the overall look of your business brand.
What is your title? (Check all that apply)
Next, tell me about your amazing and unique personal style.
Which category describes your personal style?
Please note that there are dressy and casual sides of each style, therefore, think of your style as a whole, not just dressy or casual.
Which 3 words best describe your personal style?
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From the list below, which 3 clothing brands closest represent your personal style?
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Which best describes your favorite colors?
Which best describes your favorite accessories?
What is your "go to" choice for bottoms?
Which pant leg type do you prefer the most?
We're getting close to the end!! Now that I have a great sense of your business brand and personal style I want to know about your shopping habits and of course, your clothing budget.
Which statement best describes the composition of your closet wardrobe right now?
Staple= Commodity item such as a white button down shirt. Fashion= Items that go in and out of fashion such as colored denim.
From the list below 3 clothing stores closest represent where you shop for clothes?
(Including online shopping, check 3 that apply)
(Including shoes and accessories, but not handbag)
This is it! You made it!! Once we get through this section we're ready to schedule the consultation. I know this section is a doozy but I really need this information so that I can tailor my recommendations specifically for you- and you only. And don't worry this information is for my eyes only.
What is your body shape?
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Whoo Hoo!! You made it through the questionnaire! I have all the information I need to talk through my clothing recommendations for your entrepreneur uniform. Let's schedule your 30 min consultation!